Welcome to X.act Systems.

Top class software developed to your needs, at the right price, and designed to your specific requirements.

Software and website planningAt X.act Systems, we provide website hosting and software development for small to medium sized businesses in the East Midlands.

We have over 30 years’ experience in developing software, Ian even remembers using punched tape as an apprentice! That doesn’t mean that we are behind the times, far from it, we keep up to date with the latest Microsoft software and regularly develop applications or add-ons using the latest development technologies.

We specialise in developing software for small business that can significantly improve business processes, to make what you do more efficient. Just look at the following list and we are sure there will be something here that you can answer yes to:

    Data Integration  • Do you have to manually duplicate the same data in more than one system and risk inaccuracies?
  Do you have repetitive or time consuming business processes that could be automated?
 • Do you use an existing software system that doesn’t quite do what you want?
 • Do you have data in a system that you can’t understand and need to make sense of it?
 • Do you need to develop an application to suit your business needs because nothing else fits your requirements?
 • Do you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and need to make it work closer to your needs?
 • Do you have an inadequate database or list of data that you need to share or use efficiently among a team or group?
 • Do you need to migrate data from one application to another and there is no obvious way of achieving this?

If you can answer Yes to any of the above questions, or even anything along these lines, then give us a call. The chances are that we can help in some way, or if not hopefully point you in the right direction.

Frequently so many businesses put up with poor or ill-fitting software for their business needs. It really doesn’t need to be like this. The cost of resolving these issues with a custom script application or add-on can generally be recovered in very a short timescale through increased productivity.

Call us today and see what X.act Systems can do for you.